True Tube, Inc. has been manufacturing precision seamless stainless steel tubing for over 30 years. We strive to produce the highest quality stainless steel tubing. Our tubing has been used in the nuclear, aerospace, cryogenic, medical and military industries. All tubing production starts on manual tube drawing machines. This is part of the reason why we can offer the best quality tubing. Each tube is handled and inspected many times during the drawing process. Each time a tube is handled it is inspected. During the heat treating process they are handled with white gloves.

We have no minimum footage requirements. We will produce the exact amount of tubing you require even if it’s only 10 feet. When you call for a quote, we will immediately design the procedure for producing your custom tubing.

We have the ability to create shaped drawn tubing that would be unavailable otherwise. We then move that shaped tubing into our machine shop for production. This gives us the ability to deliver larger quantities of formed and machined tubes for a wider variety of applications. We also are able to provide additional machining to these parts as needed by our customers thus providing a one stop shop.

Our current capacity is from .150″ to 1.500″ OD and .010″ wall to whatever you may need. Our maximum length is 12 feet, however we do not have a maximum total footage!